Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bond: The Movie

I did once have my own website on my own server that I cared for and watched over. But times have changed, and I no longer find time to take care of my own server, or the requirements of running a website solely dedicated to me. Honestly there isn't a web server around that can contain this much.....pure....awesome.

So, to get things started off I present this compilation of awesome. YouTube user James Bond. Seriously if you're going that route James why not give it the full treatment and go by "Bond, James Bond?" Seriously man let's have some fun with this.

Now Mr. Bond, if that really is your name, has compiled an entire Bond movie out of 5 minute clips from over 50 years of Bond movies. And what he has accomplished is ....sad really. I mean I love bond. I love the gadgets, the villains and, of course, the bond girls.I guess what's sad is something that bond fans have known all along. It's all just the same movie. Mr. Bond says it best.

"This fresh look at the 'James Bond Formula' provides a new exploration of the evolution of the series into a filmmaking genre uniquely its own. With few exceptions, each title's transition into the picture that follows it is nearly seamless, creating a viewing experience that at first might serve to remind us "if you've seen one Bond film, you've seen them all," but looking more closely it is in fact an endearing homage to a character who single-handedly shaped modern cinema's action/adventure formula and who continues to leave an indelible mark on generations worldwide."

And yet, we love it. We can't get enough of it. It's like the cocaine that laces the water at Disney World. You can be completely miserable while you are there, but can't wait to get back as soon as you leave.

Disclaimer: There may or may not actually be drugs in the water at Disney World. But, you explain to me why anyone after suffering: Hardcore Disney Fans, lines that extend for miles, the hell that is Florida would ever want to go back. Cocaine. It worked for Coca-Cola, it can work for Disney.

I digress.

What is presented below is a complete full length "Bond" film. And one that any bond fan absolutely needs to watch and enjoy. It takes some of the best moments from your favorite Bonds and splices them together in the greatest Bond-glomeration to ever hit the computer screen. So sit back, relax, and get your Bond on.

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